Advanced scalable data infrastructure for organizations of all sizes
What we do

GraphStream helps organizations gain competitive advantage by deploying advanced data infrastructure that is radically more scalable, simpler to operate, and less expensive than what their competitors are still using.

This superior infrastructure enables new applications that create better customer experiences, and runs existing applications much more efficiently.

We integrate enterprise-grade infrastructure building blocks (services, software, and hardware as needed) that are based on newer architectures, technologies, and deployment models. Each software building block may run on hosted hardware, and/or on hardware that you select and operate directly.

These Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) building blocks cover the following key layers of core data infrastructure:

  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Networking

Starting in 2003, we have worked with hundreds of clients to plan, deploy, and support non-disruptive infrastructure upgrades and new installations.

We provide a single point of expertise, support, and accountability as we integrate building blocks from innovative newer vendors and from industry leaders, to deliver transformative capabilities that your existing suppliers are not yet offering.


Here are some examples of areas where our clients need radical improvements, and GraphStream delivers:

  • Stronger protection against data loss & service interruption
  • Better application performance
  • Faster, easier deployment of additional infrastructure capacity
  • Reduced lifecycle cost per unit of infrastructure capacity
  • Automation to replace manual operations
  • Fewer vendors to manage
  • Reduced dependence on custom professional services
  • Simpler architecture with fewer failure modes & management touch points
  • Smaller number of building block types, each more highly replicated
Connect with GraphStream
We are ready to provide a competitive proposal for your data-infrastructure requirements. We welcome you to contact us at 650-595-5324 or, to discuss what GraphStream can do for your organization.