Advanced scalable data infrastructure for organizations of all sizes

GraphStream offers a number of storage options, based on software building blocks that manage scalable shared storage across clusters of servers.

The Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) is a storage-virtualization software product that aggregates raw storage capacity across a scalable cluster of COTS servers running hypervisor-based virtualization. MxSP makes this pooled storage capacity available to virtualized application workloads running on the same cluster. This "app+storage cluster" approach of co-locating virtualized application workloads and shared storage in a single scalable server cluster, has a number of advantages and disadvantages relative to other architectures that use separate scalable server clusters for shared storage and for application workloads. The best fit is specific to individual use cases. MxSP is one of many available software products that implement the app+storage cluster architecture. Relative to currently available releases of many competing software products, MxSP provides stronger support for end-to-end data integrity and enterprise-grade data management features, including a highly optimized implementation of snapshots. Because MxSP is implemented above the hypervisor, MxSP is not tied to a specific hypervisor implementation. Currently available releases of MxSP can be deployed with either the VMware vSphere hypervisor, or the Open Source KVM hypervisor.