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GraphStream's mission is to be the unique provider that you can go to for customized, integrated, and supported data infrastructure solutions at any scale, no matter how large or small.


GraphStream was founded in early 2003. Our business, engineering, and support leadership includes alumni from Silicon Graphics, HP, IBM, and other pioneering suppliers of scalable data infrastructure.

GraphStream is privately held by a group of investors with a focus on organic, sustained long-term growth. From the very beginning, our growth has been 100% funded by operations, and the company has been consistently profitable.

Why GraphStream?

Here are some of the reasons why our clients have chosen GraphStream over other suppliers:

  • Superior capability per dollar of infrastructure lifecycle cost.
  • Stringent production process controls that meet or exceed our clients' industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Strong in-house systems engineering team.
  • Every support request is dispatched directly and immediately to a highly qualified USA-based systems engineer.
  • On-site support options up to 24x365 4-hour response, available in more than 50 countries.
  • Superior ability to custom-tailor infrastructure to meet specialized client requirements.
  • Early availability of integrated data infrastructure that incorporates new, radically more efficient hardware and software component designs.
  • Rapid fulfillment of orders for custom-configured integrated hardware+software systems.
  • Risk minimization: GraphStream custom-configured data infrastructure is based on widely available, industry-standard commercial hardware and software building blocks.
  • Supply-chain transparency: every quotation includes specific make/model information and itemized pricing for each included hardware, software, and support component.
  • Strong direct support relationships with suppliers of hardware and software components, many of which are located close to GraphStream's headquarters in Silicon Valley.

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